32nd Annual Meeting of the IAPA: May 15, 2011, Hawaii


1.  Dr.ShivKumar Hatti, Dr.Dilip Jestee and Dr.Iqbal Ahmed, a great IAPA moment.


2. Dr.MeeraNarasimhan gracefully standing with her parents.


3. Dr.Asha Mishra (on right) and her family with Dr.Jeff Akaka - standing tall. 


4.  Dr and Dr Mrs Jeste - the ideal couple honored again


5. Dr Hatti whole heartedly greets attendees at the banquet.


6. Dr Jeste receives one more Presidential Award


7. Who is receiving the Outstanding Service Award? Dr.Antony Fernandez not Dr.Hatti.


8. Dr.Bhagirathy Sahasranaman Public Sector award.


9. Is Dr Asha Mishra adressing IAPA with audience behind?. The audience are indeed facing the speaker as well as camera. 

10. Dr Iqbal Ahmed - always relaxed.

11. Dr. Geeta Jayaram, the only way you can think straight --.

12. IAPA BOT Chairman Dr.Nalini Juthani multitasking - watchfully talking, holding on to microphone--

13. Dr. Jeff Akaka


14. Presenters at the annual meeting with new IAPA President-elect Dr.Rao and Presdient Dr.Rudra Prakash standing far right.


15. If you don't know him, fine! he is no special, but remember, you definitely need to takepart in IAPA more often.


16. Time for great entertainment before dinner - hula dance.

17. To Do and Not to Do - Words of Wisdom from Dr. Hatti to Dr.Prakash

18. All Smiles - Dr.Carol Bernstein APA President receives IAPA President's award 

19.Keep up the Good work! Dr. Radhika Sriram receives Outstanding Service award 


20.Paying close attention - Dr.Thirunavakarasu IPS President & Dr.Rudra Prakash incoming IAPA President 

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