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29th Annual Meeting of the IAPA: May 4, 2008

1. At this year's Scientific Meeting of the IAPA, Dr. Prakash Masand
delivered the 2008 Outstanding Academician lecture,
explaining the clinical relevance of the STAR-D antidepressant trial.

2. The 2008 Scientific Symposium Panel featured two films
produced and directed by second-generation Indo-American psychiatrists.
Dr. Vatsal Thakkar (right) discussed his film "Ravaged,"
while Dr. Arshdeep Jawandha explored his film "Sky Lab is Falling."
The panel was moderated by Dr. Shiv Hatti (center).

3. Audience members listen attentively to the presentations.

4. IAPA Executive Committee members gather for the Annual Business Meeting and banquet.
Front row left to right: Dr. Antony Fernandez (Newsletter Co-Editor);
Dr. Surinder Nand (current IAPA president); Dr. Asha Mishra (Immediate Past IAPA President),
Dr. Vani Rao (Treasurer); and Dr. Shiv Kumar Hatti (President Elect).
Back row left to right: Dr. Rudra Prakash (Secretary);
Dr. Arshdeep Jawandha (MIT Representative); and Dr. Geetha Jayaram (Councilor);

5. At this year's IAPA Business Meeting, Dr. Prakash Masand (center)
receives the Outstanding Academician Award 2008
from Dr Anand Pandurangi (right) and Dr. Surinder Nand (left).

6. Dr. Anand Pandya (second from right) is honored with the IAPA Service Award 2008,
presented by Dr. Surinder Nand (far left), Dr. Shiv Hatti (second from left)
and Dr. Viswanathan (far right).

7. Srijan Sen, MD (center) smiles at receiving the IAPA Outstanding Resident Award 2008,
presented to him by Dr Iqbal Ahmed (right) and Dr. Surinder Nand (left).

8. Dr. Carolyn Rabinowitz (center), outgoing President of the APA,
accepts the 2008 Special Recognition Award from Dr. Surinder Nand (left).
Dr. Nada Stotland (right), incoming President of the APA looks on.

9. After the Business meeting, Dr. Nambi (left) of the Indian Psychiatric Society
enjoys a delicious banquet dinner.

10. Dr. Surinder Nand (right) shares a laugh with banquet guests.

11. The annual meeting of the IAPA serves as an excellent networking opportunity
between members of the APA and the IAPA.

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