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28th Annual Meeting of the IAPA: May 20, 2007

This year's Scientific Program was dedicated to the memory of Anjali Pandya, MBBS
who adeptly ran the Main office of the IAPA for more than two decades.

At the Scientific Symposium, Dr. Ashwin Patkar delivered the 2007
Outstanding Academician lecture, exploring the concept of sexual addiction.

This year's Scientific Symposium of the IAPA was moderated by
Dr. Shiv Hatti (second from the left). Panelists included Dr. Prakash Desai (far left),
Dr. Mohan Agashe (second from the right) and Dr. Vernon Rosario (far right).

Dr.Vernon Rosario discusses issues of sexuality among
lesbian, gay and bisexual South Asian-Americans.

After speaking on Ayurvedic approaches to sexual dysfunction,
Dr. Prakash Desai fields questions from the audience.

Dr. Mohan Agashe explores depictions of sexuality in modern Indian cinema.

Audience members listen attentively to the panelists.

Dr.Rudra Prakash looks up from his work
at the registration desk of the IAPA Scientific Symposium.

IAPA members and guests gather for the Annual Business Meeting and banquet.
Seated (from left to right): Dr. Viswanathan, Dr. Nada Stotland and her husband.
Standing (from left to right): Dr.Donna Norris, Dr. Shastri Swami Nathan,
Dr. Joel Silverman and Phyllis Silverman.

Dr. Asha Mishra (right) begins the Business Meeting by presenting
the Outstanding Academician Award 2007 to Dr. Ashwin Patkar (left).

Dr. Nutan Atre-Vaidya (right) honors Dr. Shastri Swaminathan (left)
with the IAPA Service Award 2007.

Dr.Chaitanya Haldipur (left) receives the IAPA
Exemplary Public Sector Psychiatrist Award 2007 from Dr. Mantosh Dewan (right).

Gagandeep Rajee Singh, MD (left) smiles at receiving
the IAPA Outstanding Resident Award 2007 presented to him by
Dr. Surinder Nand (middle) and Dr. Asha Mishra (right).

Dr. Pedro Ruiz (left), President of the APA, accepts the 2007 Special Recognition Award
from Dr. Asha Mishra, President of the IAPA.

After the Business meeting, a quartet of merry-makers poses for the camera:
Dr Maria Lymberis (front left), Dr. Asha Mishra (front right),
Dr. Nalini Juthani (back left) and Dr. Mila Demandante (back right).

Dr. Khushro Unwalla (left) shares a laugh with APA President Dr. Pedro Ruiz (right).

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