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27th Annual Meeting of the IAPA: May 21, 2006

Scientific Session 2006: Dr. Philip Ninan, IAPA Outstanding Academician,
delivers a fascinating lecture on "Lessons from the Brain."

Symposium Panel 2006 on "Psychiatry and the Arts," from left to right:
Prakesh Desai, MD (moderator), Dinesh Bhugra, MBBS, Rishma Dunlop, PhD, and Jaswant Guzder, MD.

Symposium Panelist Dr. Dinesh Bhugra explores the vicissitudes
of the collective Indian psyche as reflected in Bollywood films.

Symposium Panelist Rishma Dunlop, PhD, moves the audience with her poignant poetry.

Symposium Panelist Dr. Jaswant Guzder shows evocative images she painted
in the course of her therapeutic work with parents and children.

After the panelists completed their riveting presentations,
the audience engages in a lively question-and-answer session with them.

The annual meeting of the IAPA provides a valuable opportunity for Indian
professionals to network. From left to right: Drs. Nand, Van, Mohan and Jayaram.

IAPA Secretary Dr.Shiv Hatti (left) tallies up registration data
and discusses logistics with Dr. Sanjay Dube (right).

Dr. Asha Mishra calls the Business Meeting to order
and delivers the annual IAPA Presidential address.

Dr. Philip Ninan (left) accepts the Outstanding Academician Award
from Dr. Rohan Ganguli (right) as Dr. Asha Mishra (center) smiles..

Dr. Malathi Koli (left) accepts the Outstanding Service Award
from Dr. Shiv Hatti (right).

Dr.Chandra Vedak (left) is pleased to accept
the Exemplary Public Sector Psychiatrist Award
from Dr. Seeth Vivek (right).

Dr. Biju Basil (right), a Psychiatry Resident from
Drexel University College of Medicine, happily accepts
the Dr. Jyotsana Pandya Outstanding Resident Award
from Dr. Surinder Nand (left).

Dr. Ashok Van (left) served as the President of the IAPA from 2000-2003
and is honored with a Distinguished Service Award
from Dr. Asha Mishra (right).

Dr.Nalini Juthani served as President of the IAPA from 1998-2000,
and is conferred a Distinguished Service Award for her many contributions.

Dr. Ramaswamy Viswanathan (left), President of the IAPA from 1996-1998,
is honored for his leadership via a Distinguished Service Award
presented by Dr. Asha Mishra.

Dr. Vijay Koli (left), President of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin,
stresses the importance of a professional alliance with the IAPA.

Dr. Dale Walker (right) and others enjoy the delicious
banquet dinner that followed the Business Meeting.

The banquet offers many opportunities for collegial exchange.
From right to left: Dr. Asha Mishra, APA President Dr. Pedro Ruiz,
Dr. Nalini Juthani, and Dr. Joel Silverman.

Leadership strategy is discussed among those attending the banquet.
From left to right: Dr. Malathi Koli, APA President-Elect Dr. Carolyn Rabinowitz,
IAPA President Dr. Asha Mishra, and Dr. Mark Rabinowitz.

Former APA President Dr. Richard Harding (left)
has been a consistent presence at many IAPA banquets.

Dr. Theogaraj (left) congratulates Dr. Ninan (right)
on being named IAPA Outstanding Academician 2006.

Harsha Trivedi (right), Ravi Chandra (center), and Ravi's mom (left)
chat while they wait their turn at the buffet.

This year, Dr. Radhika Sriram (left) and Dr. Tony Fernandez (right)
successfully co-edited the first full-color version of the IAPA newletter, The Forum.

Dr. Trivedi (left) has an earnest exchange with
Dr. Nalini Juthani (right) and her husband (center).

Dr. Seeth Vivek (left) samples some tasty appetizers
as Dr. Iqbal Ahmed (center) and Dr.Dilip Jeste (right) look on.

A pair of merrymakers:
Dr. Rohan Ganguli (left) and Dr. Nalini Juthani (right).

Dr. Joan Anzia (left), past president of the Illinois Psychiatric Society,
discusses state politics with Dr. Ashok Van (right), who also hails from Illinois.

The IAPA Executive Committee welcomed Members-in-Training
to the banquet, recognizing them as the future of the IAPA.
Front row, left to right: Sudeepta Varma, Surinder Nand, Seeba Anam,
Asha Mishra, Aparna Bole, and Shilpa Diwan.
Back row, left to right: Biju Basil, Sangeeta Patel, Harsha Trivedi,
Ravi Chandra, Shiv Hatti and Jose Matthews.

This year's banquet was made possible thru generous
contributions from industry. Pictured from left to right:
Dr. Anwar Firoze of Janssen Pharmaceutical, Kristin Gauvin of Janssen Pharmaceutical,
Dr. Pedro Ruiz, Dr. Annelle Primm, and Dr. Asha Mishra.

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