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May 2005: IAPA Scientific Program and Business Meeting

Dr. Nalini Juthani (standing) chairs the scientific symposium on
"Close Encounters of the Spiritual Kind: Is There Room for Spirituality in Clinical Practice?"
Seated panelists, from left to right: Dr. Anand Pandya, Dr. Raghuraman, and Dr. Russell D'Souza.

Dr. Sanjay Dube welcomes members and guests to the Business Meeting and Banquet.

In the coming year (pictured from left to right),
Dr. Surinder Nand will serve as IAPA President-Elect,
Dr. Asha Mishra as President, Dr. Shivkumar Hatti as Secretary,
Dr. Anthony Fernandez as Co-Editor of the IAPA newsletter,
and Dr. Seeth Vivek as Treasurer.

Dr. Madhukar Trivedi (right) accepts the Outstanding Academician Award
from Dr. Sanjay Dube (left).

Dr. Malini Patel (left) accepts the Outstanding Service Award
from Dr. Seeth Vivek (right).In the background are
Dr. Geetha Jayaram and Dr. Sanjay Dube.

Dr.Bhaskar Dave (right) is pleased to accept
the Exemplary Public Sector Psychiatrist Award
from Dr. Shiv Hatti (left). Dr. Sanjay Dube smiles in the background.

Dr. Seeba Anam (right), a PGY III Resident from
New York University School of Medicine, happily accepts
the Dr. Jyotsana Pandya Outstanding Resident Award
from Dr. Surinder Nand (left).

Dr. Jambur Ananth (right) served as the President of the IAPA from 1988-90
and is honored with a Distinguished Service Award
from Dr. Sanjay Dube (left) and Dr. Asha Mishra (center).

Dr.Velandy Manohar (left) served as President of the IAPA from 1992-1994,
and receives a Distinguished Service Award from Dr.Sanjay Dube (right).

Dr. Sanjay Dube, President of the IAPA from 2003-2005,
is honored for his leadership via a Distinguished Service Award
presented by the incoming IAPA President, Dr. Asha Mishra.

APA President Dr. Steven Sharfstein (left) and former APA President,
Dr. Paul Appelbaum (right), enjoy the lively dialogue at the IAPA banquet.

Dr. Asha Mishra (left) enjoys a quiet moment with
APA President-Elect Dr. Pedro Ruiz and his wife.

Dr. Nalini Juthani (right) shares her views with
former APA President Dr.Richard Harding (center)
and former APA Speaker of the Assembly Dr. Dale Walker (left).

APA Vice-President Dr. Nada Stotland (left) samples a drink
while Dr. Donna Norris (right) looks on.

The Atlanta Chapter of the IAPA (pictured above)
deserves kudos for hosting this year's Annual Meeting.

Dr. Nalini Juthani and Dr. Asha Mishra stand on the left
while family members join them on the right.

Dr. Shiv Hatti (left) and Dr. James Ninsinger (right)
chuckle over a joke at the banquet.

Dr. Asha Mishra (left) and Dr. Maria Lymberis (right) enjoy the festivities.

A group of IAPA members network at the banquet.

Dr. Dale Walker (left) reviews leadership strategy with
Dr. Asha Mishra (center) and Dr. Nalini Juthani (right).

Dr. Pedro Ruiz (left) has an earnest exchange with
Dr. Sanjay Dube (right) and Dr. Malathi Koli (center).

Dr. Asha Mishra's good humor rubs off on Dr. Joel Silverman.

Members-in-training chat during the banquet,
including Seeba Anam, Akhtar Hossain, Sudeepta Varma,
Ipsit Vahia and Jose Mathews

A trio of merrymakers: Dr. Bhaskar Dave (left),
Dr. Prakash Desai (center) and Dr. Nalini Juthani (right).

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