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Silver Jubilee Meeting of the IAPA: May 2, 2004

Symposium Panel on "Born Confused: Myth or Reality?"
From left to right: Salman Akhtar, MD (moderator), Ruth Ann Van Reken,
Madhulika Khandelwal, PhD, and S. Mitra Kalita

Dr. Shitij Kapur, awarded Outstanding Academician 2004, delivers a lecture on
"How Antipsychotics Work: From Receptors to Reality."

After the Scientific Program, Dr. Ashok Van shakes hands with Dr. Mary Ganguli,
while Dr. Shitij Kapur and Dr. Rohan Ganguli smile in the background.
The Gangulis have served as invaluable mentors for many Indo-American psychiatrists.

APA President Dr.Marcia Goin (on left) has a lively discussion with IAPA members
before the evening banquet.

2004 APA President-Elect Dr. Steven Sharfstein (on the right with his wife)
shares a drink with Dr. Ashok Van and former APA President, Dr. Paul Appelbaum.

Dr. Al Gaw (left), and Dr.Steven Sharfstein (right) chat with IAPA Treasurer Dr. Shiv Hatti (center).

Dr. Richard Harding, former APA President, enjoys the atmosphere of the Silver Jubilee banquet..

Dr. Janakibai Theogaraj (left) is honored with the 2004 Exemplary Public Sector Psychiatrist Award,
presented by IAPA President-Elect, Dr. Asha Mishra.

Dr. Nyapati Rao (right) receives the 2004 Outstanding Service Award
presented by IAPA President Dr.Sanjay Dube.

Dr. Kumar Badur (left) is the happy recipient of the 2004 Outstanding Resident Award.

Prakash N. Desai, MD (left) accepts the Distinguished Recognition Award.
as Dr. Sanjay Dube and Dr. Surinder Nand look on.

Dr. Hemant Patel,Treasurer of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin,
emphasizes the commonality in goals and mission between AAPIO and the IAPA.

Dr. Pedro Ruiz (left), Vice President for the APA, expresses his support for the IAPA.

Dr. Dale Walker, former APA Speaker of the Assembly, congratulates
Dr. Prakash Desai on his election as the current Speaker of the Assembly.

Dr. Barry Perlman (left), President of the New York State Psychiatric Association,
welcomes IAPA banquet members to New York City.

Dr. Ira Glick praises the many IAPA members who have played
a critical role in teaching psychopharmacology to psychiatric residents.

Dr. Anwar Firoze of Janssen Pharmaceutical
was instrumental in obtaining sponsorship for the Siver Jubilee events.

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