Indo-American Psychiatric Association   

Duties* of Secretary

Term = 2 years.

1)    Primary responsibility will be to organize the IAPA annual meeting in consultation with president-elect. The secretary will be responsible for choosing the theme, selecting and confirming the speakers. He/she will also be responsible for selecting a local person or team who will help in making conference arrangements in the state the conference is being held.

The agenda for the conference should be finalized by December of the previous year.

2)    Be available to the IAPA president to discuss issues and assist him/her on any urgent matter.

3)    Be available to the  Executive Committee (EC) to discuss and work out urgent  issues related to IAPA

4)    Responsible for answering  emails/telephone calls related to IAPA

5)    Minutes of EC meeting.  EC telephone meetings are held monthly. In addition there will be at least 2 face-face meetings during the year. The secretary will be responsible for maintaining the minutes of the meeting and later distributing to the EC members a final copy of the minutes.

6)    Work with the EC/Extended EC panel to grow IAPA membership.

7)    Attend the annual  IAPA meeting

8)    On the conference day:

a.     Be available to serve as a conference leader (e.g. moderator of the scientific session).  

b.    Work with the president-elect & treasurer to make the banquet successful. Be creative!

9)    Attend two face-face EC meetings (usually on a weekend both Saturday & Sunday) at the home of the IAPA president. These meetings are usually in August/September and March/April

10) Attend monthly telephone meetings

11) May need to step-in and take over some of the duties of  other EC members if they are unable to perform

*These duties are subject to change based on change in goals & needs of the IAPA.

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