Indo-American Psychiatric Association   
President Elect

Duties* of President-Elect

Term = 2 years.

1)    President elect will serve as the advisor to the secretary in developing the annual meeting agenda, speakers, venue, etc. The agenda for the conference should be finalized by December of the previous year.

2)    Be available to the IAPA president to discuss issues and assist him/her on any urgent matter.

3)    Be available to the  Executive Committee (EC) to discuss and work out urgent  issues

4)    Responsible for answering  emails/telephone calls related to IAPA

5)    Responsible for working with chapter presidents  to ensure the smooth running of the different chapters

6)    President-elect responsible for interacting and working with ECP & MIT to enhance attendance and involvement of residents, fellows and junior faculty members.

7)    President elect responsible for working with webmaster to maintain the IAPA website. Need to be creative!!

8)    On the conference day:

a.     Responsible for welcome address and vote-of thanks

b.    Supervise and guide the secretary & treasurer regarding registration, seating and dinner arrangements.

9)    Attend two face-face EC meetings (usually on a weekend both Saturday & Sunday) at the home of the IAPA president. These meetings are usually in August/September and March/April

10) Attend monthly telephone meetings.

11) May need to step-in and take over some of the duties of  other EC members if they are unable to perform

*These duties are subject to change based on change in goals & needs of the IAPA.

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