Indo-American Psychiatric Association   


Culture and Resiliency: A Study of Young Adults in the South Asian Diaspora




Existing research on the acculturative processes of Asian Indians often carry assumptions that acculturation is unidimensional, linear and associated with a number of risk factors.  Problems that surface from these assumptions relate to 1) the failure to capture the multidimensional nature of acculturation, 2) the lack of understanding of the diasporic contexts and multiple migratory pathways for Asian Indians and 3) limited knowledge on how acculturation can promote positive functioning. To address these problems, this presentation will explore the acculturation and resiliency patterns of the Asian Indian second generation young adults whose family origins are based in East Africa, as well as India, and who currently live in the US and UK.  The use of a multidimensional and comprehensive acculturation scale developed for Asian Indians will be presented and discussed as well as relevant clinical case examples focused on Asian Indian young adults.