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I ask : What are YOU waiting for ?
You ask: WHY should I do it ?

Most of us are prone to procrastination in one form or another at any given time in our life. We convince ourselves in delaying action or inaction with our expert rationalizations.

This article directed primarily at ECP's - Early Career Psychiatrists of Indian origins, is both an invitation and an immediate, call for action.

As ECP's we carry our basic survival mode from our residency into our professional career and limit & even ignore our involvement in professional organizations to our own detriment. We suddenly find ourselves with the freedom to explore choices and chase our dreams & desires and invariably get sucked into the vortex of obligations & responsibilities and lose the necessary energy & motivation to explore and be involved. Balancing our personal life amongst all this is a challenge as well. We expect and even demand THEM to knock on our doors.

Consider the following:

Here's an opportunity to belong to a professional organization, within the APA, the Indo American Psychiatric Organization (IAPA) which is well recognized & respected not  just for its sheer contributions but also in terms of numbers. Here's an organziation that provides a fertile ground for a  confluence of psychiatrists of Indian origin with  different perspectives and challenges but  sharing a common ancestral background which enhances the emotional bonds of cultural connectivity. Exchange of ideas, friendships, networking opportunities and sources of deep inspiration & motivation are found here. We have many seasoned Clinicians and experts who can offer guidance and wisdom and especially in today's world of practice this collective wisdom is needed and will be of benefit. One amongst them, is our current APA president-elect Dr. Dilip Jeste,who is a powerful symbolic source of inspiration & rightful pride. His dedication & service proves that one can soar as high as the Himalayas or even above and beyond. He is a member of IAPA.

Let us Strengthen our voice within the IAPA and continue to contribute to our patients & communities and find both our personal & professional fulfillment.

The time for action is NOW.


Thomas Cyriac, MD.

(The Author is a Board Certified Staff Psychiatrist at Scottsdale, Arizona and an ECP.)






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